The action has begun! Qualifiers in Meiringen

The IFSC has officially started! All day climbers have been fighting their way up the problems set by Laurent Laport and his team. While the results on the female side were quite predictable, the morning session left us with some surprises.

17 climbers on the male group A topped every single one of the problems. Not ideal, but at least there were no massive ties and only 20 climbers made it to semis. Nathaniel Coleman, Yuji Fujiwaki, Mickael Mawem and Rolands Rugens are in first place.

It is great to see Latvian Rolands Rugens back in action in such a good shape. He had a serious injury last season but he’s back in the game in style.

Yuji Fujiwaki, 22-year-old from Japan, was the only one capable of climbing all 5 problems in group B. This is his 5th semifinal.

Lots of stars out of semis: Megos, Sharafutdinov, Watabe, McColl, Skofic, Stranik, Landman…

The female results were much more predictable, all the favorites made it through. Stasa Gejo and Jessica Pilz lead the board. Last year silver medalist, Katha Saurwein sits in the dreaded 21st place along with Brooke Raboutou.

Some big names out of semis are Margo Hayes, Alannah Yip and Mei Kotake.

You can check the full results here: men & women.

Semis tomorrow at 11am (UTC+2). Live at

Here you have an interview with Chief Setter Laurent Laport:

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