The Asian Tour begins! | Chongqing 2018 Preview

After a two-week break, the 2018 IFSC Bouldering World Cup continues with the first competition of the Asian tour, which will include two events in China and one in Japan. The first stop, the massive city of Chongqing.

The main headline going into the comp is the absence of Shauna Coxsey, Janja Garnbret, and Jongwon Chon. This is great news for their direct competitors, Nonaka, Noguchi, Kruder, Narasaki, and Rubtsov; but no so much for us watching. Still, all the other superstars will be there and I’m sure the show will the spectacular.

More info, and the entire starting list on the event page.

Schedule (the timezone is UTC+8):

Saturday 5


Sunday 6

Semis at 9.30 am

Finals at 5 pm

Here you have the live streams for Sunday:


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