The big final of the Bundesliga live on Saturday

This Saturday, Climbmax Stuttgart will host the final round of the Bundesliga, a massive, year-round series of bouldering competitions that take place all over Germany. Climbers have been competing since January in up to 11 events. On Saturday, after the 12th qualifying round, the top 6 will compete in the big final.

The scope of the Bundesliga is massive: 12 months, 12 comps in 12 gyms, more than 900 climbers… It is a competition like no other and the perfect opportunity for amateur climbers to compete in regular, high-quality events.

Participation is free for everyone (climbers must pay the day pass for the gym) and organizers regularly invite climbing stars to route set (this year they’ve had big names like Angela Eiter, Shauna Coxsey, Rustam Gelmanov or Domen Skofic).

Alma Bestvater in action. She currently leads the female ranking

The care and hard work that has been put into this event are clear just by looking at their impressive website. They have tons of pictures and videos from each event, along with detailed stats by climber and problem. An example of how good the website of a climbing event can be.

Going into the last event, Jan Hojer and Alma Bestvater lead the ranking of the “first division” (the field is divided into two categories according to their climbing level) and are clear favorites.

Don’t miss the final. 8.30 pm (UTC+1) on Satuday, live at the Klettermafia YouTube channel.

Domen Skofic will be one of the setters for the final round

Here you have some highlights from last year’s final:

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