The Finnish Line, Hukkataival’s latest superproblem

Finnish crusher Nalle Hukkataival is back in Rocklands, South Africa, doing his thing. 3 days ago he managed to climb his latest super project, calling it The Finnish Line, a proud arete that Hukkataival considers ‘a new contender for the hardest in Rocklands‘. (the name certainly is one of the best in my humble opinion ;)

Una publicación compartida de KTS (@kevintakashismith) el

“A gem rarer than diamonds and a new contender for the hardest in Rocklands!”

Hukkataival is known for grading on the harder side, and over the years he has repeated many of the hardest boulders on the planet, so if he considers this line one of the hardest in Rocklands, we can safely translate that to ‘at least hard 8C | V15’.

Judging by the pictures, The Finnish Line has some commonalities with Hukkataival’s Livin’ Large, a tall and technical arete, graded 8C | V15, that stood unrepeated for 6 years (and so far has only seen one repetition, by Jimmy Webb).

Un vídeo publicado por @syknar el

Jimmy Webb sending Livin’ Large


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