The most epic top in the World Cups? | Sunday Sends

During the World Cup of 2014 in Grindelwald, Switzerland, Japanese star Rei Sugimoto offered one of the most memorable and exciting attempts we’ve ever seen in a climbing competition. Let’s review it in honor of yesterday’s Swiss World Cup in Meiringen.

Was this the most epic top ever? I have no idea, but it’s up there.


  1. Remember that one and a great choice. I wish they’d bring back the 4+ rule. It definitely produced some epic struggles that made for great viewing.

  2. ;-)

    You cut off the 2nd best part – when the camera panned to Jan Hojer jokingly tapping his wrist as if to say, “It’s about time for my turn now…”

  3. I remember watching that. Ah, the glory days of
    (a) the 4+ rule
    (b) being able to regard a member of the Japanese team as some kind of plucky underdog

  4. 4+ we miss you!!!

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