The North Face Bouldering Master and Crux Open, the international comps continue!

The comp season is in full swing. This weekend we have more high-level comps to watch. Chile is hosting the North Face Bouldering Master and Poland has yet another massive open vent, the Crux Open, in Warsaw.

Valentina Aguado during the 2016 edition of The North Face Bouldering Master

The North Face Bouldering Masters final will be streamed on Saturday (6.15 pm, UTC-3) at

Like every year, the comp has stars from all over the World, to name a few: Rustam Gelmanov, Jessica Pilz, Mauricio Huerta, Jim Pope, Aidan Roberts or 3-time winner Valentina Aguado.

Meanwhile, in Warsaw, the Crux Open has already started. It will last for 3 days (Friday and Saturday for qualifiers, Sunday for semis and finals). The format is similar to that of the CWIF or Studio Bloc Masters, a massive open with hundreds of climbers followed by semis and finals with IFSC format.

Tomasz Oleksy (IFSC setter), Aleksander Romanowski, Tadeusz Sługocki and the rest of the setting team will make sure the problem are of the highest quality and we’ll get to see international competitors like Mickael Mawem, Kipras Baltrunas, Jakub Jodlowski or Rolands Rugens in action. The final will start on Sunday at 8 pm (UTC+1) (I don’t have the link yet, I’ll update the post soon). you can watch it on Crux YouTube Channel.n).

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