The only time this happened in a World Cup! | Sunday Sends

This week we gonna review a very unique ascent, done by Shauna Coxsey. It is unique because it was the only time that a problem has been used for both men and women during an IFSC senior bouldering World Cup. In 2014, in the Chongqing event, the last qualifying problem for the men was also the last qualifying problem for the women.

And here you have the results from that round.


  1. Gaz Parry says:

    It looks to me like there was a small difference. I think the women had a foothold on the small green triangle.

    • AngelPalacio says:

      I knew that making such a bold statement was asking for trouble :P
      I think the foothold is also there for the guys. It is very difficult to see (easier when the girls are climbing because the camera angle is different) but if you see how Kilian steps on the volume (1:52), he’s stepping on a hold, not on a flat surface.

      And (last line of defense :D) it is all Graeme’s fault, he told me they were exactly the same.

      Anyway, thanks for dropping by!

      • I was there; it is has you describe.

      • Ha ha yep. From what I can see the girls instantly choose to stand there the guys don’t. I would assume a hold wasn’t there for the guys or the foothold changed. I am sure the climbers will remember.

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