The Outer Limits, V15 first ascent by Jimmy Webb in Lake Tahoe

American boulderer Jimmy Webb has been exploring the bouldering areas near Lake Tahoe and has pulled off the first ascent of a long-standing project that he’s calling The Outer Limits. It is a tall (about 20 feet | 6 meters) and powerful line that Webb considers V15 | 8C.

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About The Outer Limits V15 | 8C:
'This has to be one of the more meaningful first ascents I've climbed in a while'

According to Webb, the problem was previously known as the Flying Saucer project and, back in the day, it was attempted by Jason Kehl <<[Jason Kehl] was one of the first climbers I believe to actually try the line and to vision its possibility. Many years later now and the line remained undone>>.

Webb spent many days <<figuring out beta, realizing the importance of conditions, and building the necessary fitness to succeed>> before sending it 5 days ago <<I finally managed to master the subtleties, stick to the stone, and keep it together>>.

It seems like Webb is quite impressed with the bouldering potential in Lake Tahoe <<I’ve actually never gotten the opportunity to climb in this place before and It’s incredibly eye-opening to me how expansive it is.>>.

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About his FA of Academia V12 | 8A+:
'A rad overhanging 10 move compression prow'

Also, last weeked, Webb switched to plastic to take part in the Portland Boulder Rally, in Oregon. He ended up in second place after Sean Bailey (they tied in the final and the countback to qualifiers decided the winner).

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Webb competing at the Portland Bouldering Rally.
'I managed a second place finish behind a very strong and talented Sean Bailey

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