The Pursuit of Happiness, first 8B | V13 by Mina Leslie-Wujastyk

British climber Mina Leslie-Wujastyk is on a rock trip in South Africa, where she has climbed her first 8B-graded boulder, The Pursuit of Happiness, in the area of Redhill, close to Cape Town.

The Pursuit of Happiness, my first 8B boulder! I should say possibly because some agree with the original 8B, some think 8A+. Who knows, it was hard for me but the pursuit of happiness in climbing is not just about numbers and I am certainly very happy whatever!!”

Leslie-Wujastyk is one of Britain’s hardest boulderers, having climbed several double-digit problems all over the planet. In 2013 she made the first female ascent of the iconic highball Careless Torque, located in the Peak District and graded 8A | V11.

On plastic, she represented Great Britain in the IFSC World Cup circuit for a couple of seasons, making semifinals 11 times and ending twice in the top 10. She retired from competitions in 2014, focusing on outdoor climbing.

On Mint Berry Crunch (8A | V11), Redhill, South Africa.

During the qualifiying round of the 2013 Bouldering World Cup in Millau, France.

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