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If you need your fix of World Cup style bouldering don’t miss Triglav The Rock, an open event that will also have some of the best boulderers on the planet as invited stars. The final takes place this evening in Ljubljana and will be streamed live.

Update: The comp was won by Janja Garnbret and Jongwon Chon. Here’s the replay:

Promotional video of the event

Triglav The Rock follows the same philosphy as other international events such as The CWIF, Studio Block Masters or Bloco Masters. An open qualification round with tons of climbers and several hours to top as many boulders as possible, followed by semis and finals with IFSC format.

The qualification took place yesterday and today things will get serious with just the cream of the crop left competing. The final round (8pm, UTC+2) will be offered live on RTV 4 (one of Slovenian’s National TV stations) and online at

The wall looking new and clean

Many of the stars that we see in the World Cups will be present in Ljubljana, including climbers like Jongwon Chon, Sol Sa, Alexey Rubtsov, Jan Hojer, Gabri Moroni, Alex Khazanov, Jeremy Bonder, Rustam Gelmanov, Chloé Caulier and, of course, many strong climbers from Slovenia: Jernej Kruder, Mina Markovic, Domen Skofic, Janaja Garnbret, Gregor Vezonik

Today the competition moves from Plus Climbing Koper, a brand new gym that hosted the qualification round, to Kongresni Square, right in the center of Ljubljana, which will ensure a big crowd and a really cool atmosphere.

More info at the official website.

Gregor Vezonik crushing in the qualification round.

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More action from the qualis, this time by Thilo Schröter

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