The sendage continues in Rocklands

The hard ascents in Rocklands keep piling. After the repetitions of Monkey Wedding, hard First Ascents, 8B+ Flashes, and female 8B repetitions… now Nalle Hukkataival and Shawn Raboutou have repeated, and upgraded, Jimmy Webb’s KhoiKhoi. Meanwhile Jakob Schubert has been busy sending 70 double-digits (including 2 V13 flashes).

Hukkataival on Khoikhoi. “A little piece of orange Fontainebleau! Slopers and precise body positions – and heavily reliant of getting the right conditions”. Picture by Arjan de Kock.

On Cape Winelands Finnish crusher Nalle Hukkataival and American young gun Shawn Raboutou have done the first and second repetitions of Jimmy Webb’s KhoiKhoi. Webb graded the problem 8B+ | V14 but both Hukkataival and Raboutou feel like it’s more on the 8C | V15 side.

As Björn Pohl points out at UKClimbing, the grading disparity may be due to the difference in height (Webb is taller than Hukkataival and Raboutou) and to the fact that compression on slopers is one of Webb’s specialties.

Schubert on Oral Office 8A+ | V12

And over 2 and a half weeks of rock climbing trip, Austrian climber Jakob Schubert has sent pretty much everything in sight. According to his ticklist, he has climbed 70 double-digits (V10 | 7C+ or harder).

The list includes repetitions of Trust Issues, Amandla, Speed of Sound, Shaky Warrior (all of them 8B+ | V14) and flashes of Mooiste meisie and Madiba (both 8B | V13).

Jakob Schubert has already flashed 5 problems graded 8B | V13 (the first three were Nagual, The Riverbed and Wrestling with an alligator).

Schubert sending Black Velvet 8A | V11. “I felt in a very great shape and I’m proud of my achievements”

But the sending doesn’t stop there. Tens of strong climbers are taking advantage of the fresh temperatures in the southern hemisphere and sending hard lines left and right.

To name a couple more, Austrian Alfons Dornauer has repeated Airstar, an 8B | V13 line that includes one of the hardest dynos in Rocklands. And Italian Michael Piccolruaz has also visited South Africa, sending lines like Encore 8B | V13 or Melting Point 8A | V11 and leaving a new problem behind; he did the first ascent of Antarctic heat.

Alfons Dornauer on Airstar 8B | V13.

Michael Piccolruaz on Encore 8B | V13.

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