The Shinning V13, Alex Puccio keeps crushing in the Rockies

If June was a productive month for Alex Puccio, it looks like July won’t be bad either. Over the last weeks, the American crusher has sent a ton of hard stuff, including yet another V13 | 8B boulder. So far she has climbed 23 problems graded V13 or harder.

On The Shinning V13 | 8B.
“I was able to send the boulder after about a couple hours of work trying to figure out a way around all the wet holds!”

After her 3 V13’s in June (Dead Meadow, Bear Toss and Evil Backwards), the Puccio train keeps steadily plowing through hard boulders in the granite of the Rocky Mountains.

Her double-digit ticklist of the last weeks includes The Shinning (V13 | 8B), Freshly Squeezed and No More Greener Grasses (both V12 | 8A+), Eternia, Reternia and Dead Raccoon (V11’s | 8A’s) and a flash of Roundhouse (V10 | 7C+). Not bad!

Roundhouse V10 | 7C+

Freshly Squeezed V12 | 8A+.

No More Greener Grasses V12 | 8A+

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