The Spanish Cup finishes at Sharma Climbing, Jonatan Flor and Itziar Zabala claim the title

The fourth and last stage of the Spanish Bouldering Cup took place in Barcelona, at Chris Sharma’s gym, over the weekend. Jonatan Flor and Julia Pinggera won the comp and, on the overall rank, Flor and Itziar Zabala claimed the title.

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This is the second Cup title for Zabala and the fourth in a row for Flor. They both won the National title back in October. In this last event, Zabala couldn’t finish the final due to a bad fall but still ended up in second place in Barcelona.

The Cup podium was completed by Eric Lopez, Mari Alarcón, Javi Cano and Maja Jonjic. Check the rank here.

And here’s the replay of the final:

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