The Story of Two Worlds by Alex Khazanov

Israeli climber Alex Khazanov has started 2018 climbing the ultra-classic Story of Two Worlds in Cresciano, Switzerland. The line, first climbed by Dave Graham in 2005, has been considered the benchmark for 8C | V15.

A great way to start my 2018!
The weather here in Ticino is the worst I have experienced in any of my climbing trips so far, rain, snow, fog, you name it. Fortunately for me, I managed to use the small, one day window of good weather to my advantage, sometimes miracles do happen! Is it 8C(V15)? Perhaps, perhaps not, but who am I to judge?
A small dream just came true, have a great year everyone!

So far, Khazanov has climbed 4 problems around the 8C | V15 grade. Last year he repeated Monkey Wedding and Practice of the Wild. In 2015 he climbed Ill Trill.

As part of Team Israel, he has been climbing in IFSC competitions since 2009, making semifinals in 3 senior bouldering events. He’s currently ranked #36 in the World.

Here’s Martin Stranik climbing The Story of Two Worlds:

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