Tierra Boulder Battle 2013

Alex Puccio won with clear authority the 2013 edition of the Tierra Boulder Battle.

Held in Stockholm, Tierra Boulder Battle is an invitational bouldering competition in which the participants themselves set the problems, one each, and have time to rehearse on every problem before the comp. This results on problems harder than usual, because they know the beta and can practise each movement.

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk during the Tierra Boulder Battle

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk competing

To my taste, Melissa Le Neve’s and Mina Leslie-Wujastyk’s problems were the best, they were powerful, dynamic, and full of cool moves. Alex Puccio climbed with ease and confidence, being Leslie-Wujastyk the only one who had any chances of beating her. You can see some pictures on Facebook. They’ll probably upload a highlight reel or maybe the entire livestream, stay tuned.

Alex Puccio during the Tierra Boulder Battle

Alex Puccio competing

It was an interesting competition to watch but, in my opinion, less attractive than any official IFSC comp or other private events such as the Adidas Rockstars, Arco Rockmasters or La Sportiva Legends Only. And I think the difference is the fact that those other comps have professional route setters to design the problems. Climbers can do a pretty good job setting, but they rarely get to the level of complexity, creativity and “eye-candiness” that a pro setter can bring. But hey, it is always cool to watch top level climbers doing their thing. Bring on more comps!

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