Two V13’s more for Isabelle Faus

American Boulderer Isabelle Faus has repeated The Automator and Evil Backwards both graded V13 | 8B. Faus has also send two V12 | 8A+ lately, Overcling Traverse and Peace Frog sit (she did the First Ascent).

Una foto publicada por Chad Greedy (@tchadx) el

Evil Backwards was first climbed by Daniel Woods in 2010 and a year later it was the focus of a controversial story involving chipping or, at least, very aggressive cleaning (very aggressive as in “I’m gonna clean it with a screwdriver”).

The Automator should ring a bell because it was the first V13 ever climbed by a woman (Angie Payne in 2010). Later it was repeated by Ashima Shiraishi and Alex Puccio.

While keeping a low profile, Faus has become one of the most accomplished female boulderers in North America. She has climbed 6 V13’s (including the hardest first ascent ever done by a woman), a V14 (Amandla, in Rocklands, FFA) and many other double-digit boulders.

Here’s a video of Evil Backwards:

And here’s the Overcling Traverse, located on the same boulder and also repeated by Faus a few days ago:

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