USA and Canada dominate the PanAmerican Youth Championships

The USA and Canada dominated the PanAmerican Youth Championships, held in Canada at the beginning of the month. Climbers from different countries of the American continent gathered in the city of Montreal to compete in all 3 IFSC disciplines (plus the combined format). The USA and Canada took all the bouldering medals, with the USA winning a total of 14.

The bouldering gold medalists from Canada (from left to right): Lucas Uchida (juniors), Batte Roy (youth B), Guy Mcnamee (youth B)

To be fair, about half of the participants were either from the USA or Canada, so that explains part of the dominance. The only climber who wasn’t from Canada or the USA to win a medal in Bouldering was Valentina Aguado, from Argentina (silver in Youth A).

Check out the complete results here:

  • Youth B (14 and 15 years old)
    • Gold for Guy Mcnamee (CAN) and Babette Roy (CAN)
    • Men & Women
  • Youth A (16 and 17 years old)
    • Gold for Collin Wills (USA) and Brooke Raboutou (USA)
    • Men & Women
  • Juniors (18 and 19 years old)
    • Gold for Lucas Echida (CAN) and Margo Hayes (USA)
    • Men & Women

Here you have some clips from the event:

Brooke Raboutou (USA) - Gold in Youth A

Lucas Uchida (CAN) - Gold in Juniors

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Babette Roy (CAN) - Gold in Youth A

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Impressive display of flexibility by Valentina Aguado (ARG) - Silver in Youth A

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