USA Nationals and Bloco Masters this Saturday

The 2016 season kicks off this Saturday with two big comps: The USA Nationals and Bloco Masters. Both will have well-known stars competing and both will be livestreamed online. The million dollar question is: will Alex Puccio and Daniel Woods become USA Champions for the 10th time?

Bloco Masters is a massive open comp in Warsaw, Poland. Right now there are more than 500 climbers registered.

The concept is very similar to that of the Climbing Works International Festival: tons of people, tons of problems (40) and the opportunity to climb side by side with international stars.

Among the big names we can find Dmitry Sharafutdinov, Alexey Rubtsov, Rolands Rugens, David Lama and, of course, many strong Polish climbers (Andrzej Mecherzynski, Katarzyna Ekwińska, Jakub Główka, Kuba Jodlowski…).

Very cool that David Lama is competing, I hope he makes finals and those of us watching online get the chance to see him climbing.

The final starts at 8pm (UTC+1) and it will be streamed at

The USA Bouldering Nationals may make even bigger legends (if possible) out of Puccio and Woods or may be a clear changing of the guard.

If they win for the 10th time we gonna have a hard time describing the scale of the achievement, hyperbole and exaggeration will sound mild. If someone else (Coleman and Mascarenas?) win, it will be obvious that a new generation is ready to take the lead, like they did in the World Cups last season.

I don’t know if Woods has been training hard for the event or if he will just show up to see what happens. Also, in events this big being in competition shape is just part of what’s needed to win. Experience and a cool head are as important (or more). In the World Cups Coleman looked very confident on the slabs, so the setting may play an important role.

Puccio is in shape, for sure (is she ever not in shape?). But it’s been just 7 months since her knee injury and, for instance, she didn’t do a single dyno until a week ago. And in my opinion Mascarenas can beat anyone on any given day so I couldn’t pick a favorite even if I wanted.

Regardless of the results this will be a really interesting event. And the livestream is usually top-notch, so make sure you don’t miss it.

Finals at 19:45 (UTC-6) at

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