USA Nationals: Sean McColl and Daniel Woods out of semis

After a very long qualifying round, the big news is that two of the favorites, Sean McColl (winner in 2011) and Daniel Woods (9 times USA Champion) didn’t make semis. Alexey Rubtsov and Ashima Shiraishi lead the scoreboard.

Looks like Sean McColl and Daniel Woods didn’t find their rhythm and couldn’t make the top 20; the same goes for 2015 winner Mohammad Jafari. You can check the semifinal starting order here.

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The field this year is probably the strongest ever and also the largest. With more than 100 competitors and just one group; some climbers had to wait for more than 9 hours in isolation. Must be pretty hard to keep the excitement and be able to perform well after such a long wait.

Today’s ABS qualifiers were frustrating for myself; long ISO, nothing to do and I felt incapable of trying hard. I climbed pretty poorly but still topped a few boulders 😬
What really needs to be reworked is the way their isolation works. They had 124 competitors in the men’s category and only 1 group ‼️😳
I was out 79th, about 2/3 of the way through and I started climbing at around 4:30 pm after arriving at isolation around 9:45, almost 7 hours!!! 😵

Sean McColl on his Instagram

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Not too many surprises on the female side. Ashima Shiraishi offered a flawless performance flashing every single problem and goes to semis in first place, followed by Maya Madere and Alex Puccio.

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The male category is led by Alexey Rubtsov, who managed to get 5 tops despite having spent more than 8 hours waiting in isolation (and kudos to Josh Larson, who’s also in semis and climbed in 118th place, one of the last climbers to come out of iso).

Defending champions Nathaniel Coleman and Megan Mascarenas made the cut in 2nd and 11th place respectively.

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The semifinal round starts in less than 5 hours (9:50 am, UTC – 7). Here’s the livestream:

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