2017 USA Youth Championships results

The USA Youth Bouldering Championships took place last weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. Among the champions, Ashima Shiraishi, Kai Lightner and Margo Hayes, all of them finalists in the Open Category that took place two weeks ago.

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First with the Bouldering Nationals and then with the Youth competition, Salt Lake City has seen a true marathon of bouldering over the last two weekends. Hundreds of climbers have competed, countless of problems have been climbed and tens of hours of competition have been livestreamed.

This year it looks like the Open Nationals (the adult competition) was just a preview of the Youth event. Two of the podium finishers, Lightner and Shiraishi, won titles in the Junior and Youth A categories (also in Youth A, Brooke Raboutou, who ended up 3rd in the Open, took the silver).

More familiar faces in the female Junior category. Margo Hayes won, followed by Lily Canavan and Grace McKeehan (the three of them made top 10 in the Open).

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Sadly I don’t know much about the other competitors (and there are 5 age categories, each with males ande females), so I can’t say much more about the event. You can check the full results here.

And if you have a few tens of hours to kill, you can watch the replays here.

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