V15’s by Rauch, Jelonek and Koyamada

Over the last week The Story of Two Worlds, one of the most famous V15 | 8C problems in Europe has seen 3 ascents (two of them by the same climber!) and Dai Koyamada has added yet another super hard first ascent to his legendary resume.

Rauch on The Story of Two Worlds

In Switzerland, Christof Rauch and Pawel Jelonek have repeated Dave Graham’s The Story of Two Worlds. Both had previously climbed the last part, The Dagger and a few days ago they managed to link the entire Two Worlds line. Rauch even went ahead and climbed it again, from Koyamada’s low start (which Koyamada proposed as V16 | 8C+ but Rauch logged as 8C in his 8a.nu profile). This was the first repetition from the low start.

Jelonek on The Story of Two Worlds

What a day. My first 8C is done. So happy that it’s a world’s classic – famous The story of 2 Worlds couldn’t be more proud, especially that I had to fight quite a lot to make it happen
Jelonek about his ascent

Meanwhile, Dai Koyamada won’t take the foot off the gas. He started 2018 sending Gekirin and 4 days ago he completed yet another V15 | 8C project. It is located in Yakushima and as far as I know, he hasn’t given it a name yet.

Koyamada sending his latest 8C | V15

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