Vail 2018, Qualifiying results

The World Cup has started in Vail. Hard problems for the women and, surprise, great results for team Japan. Good start for Alex Puccio too, she is in 1st place along with Fujii, Murai and Noguchi.

Full results: men & women.

Quick thoughts:

  • Team Japan keeps crushing, they have 13 climbers in semis.
  • Gabri Moroni, winner in Hachioji, couldn’t make semis this time.
  • Good start for the USA Champions, Puccio is in 1st place and Coleman in 3rd.
  • Hard round for the ladies, two of them made semis with just 1 top.
  • Looks like Ryuichi Murai doesn’t have too much trouble pulling hard on plastic. He’s in 1st place.

The semis start in about 2 hours (9:30 UTC-6). Livestream here.

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