Video-gems: Ondra and Schubert working on White Noise

Last June, in the week between the World Cup in Toronto and the one in Vail, Adam Ondra and Jakob Schubert went outdoor climbing in Colorado. has just released uncut footage of those two beasts working on White Noise (V14/15).

Jakob Schubert trying White Noise V15 | 8C

Jakob Schubert on White Noise. Pic from Chad Greedy’s Instagram.

That V15 | 8C problems are hard is a tautology, but oddly enough most of the time they don’t look that hard when watching them on video.

There are several reasons for this. First of all, climbers that get to climb V15 problems belong to the absolute elite of the sport. They have enough strength and technique to make extremely hard moves look easy.

There’s also the fact that most videos focus on the ascent, skipping the learning curve, the failure, the tries in which the climber struggles for half of the problem and then falls completely exhausted.

Finally, some problems can only be sent if you make them look easy. Hard slabs and dynos are perfect examples. It may be impossible to stick Rainbow Rocket without making every witness want to give it a try, just in case it is as easy as it just looked.

But today’s video is different. It is raw, it is uncut and it shows the struggle. And, due to the style of the problem, it shows two of the best boulderers on the planet fighting and trying obviously hard even on the good attempts.

This video shows a V151 looking like a V15. And that’s special. Enjoy!

  1. White Noise started as a V15, now some people call it V14. Most go with a slash grade.

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