Watch the USA Bouldering Nationals Live!

The 2018 USA Open Bouldering National Championships will take place this weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. All the rounds will be live-streamed, starting tomorrow (Friday) with the qualifiers. Don’t miss it, streams below!

Update: This season the USA Championships will be using a new scoring system. Check the details here.

Qualifiers (Friday, 10 am UTC-7)

Semifinals (Saturday, 9:30 am UTC-7)

Finals (Saturday, 6:30 pm UTC-7)



  1. Apart the scoring system.. Have you seen the japan bouldering nationals? What a show, and the level is so High.. a lot higher than us nationals in my opinion. Incredible show of agility and strength from kokoro, ryuichi murai and the young female Ai Mori (and Akiyo od course). Have a look at the replays online.. When the show is so good every scoring system is a detail

    • AngelPalacio says:

      Hi Paulo. I plan on making a video about the JPN champs, for sure. They didn’t get as much attention as the USA nationals but they were a great comp. And give that team Japan is ruling the comps, it is always good to pay attention to what’s going on over there.
      Thanks for the comment!

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