We have our finalists! Adidas Rockstars Semifinals 2018

Easy but droppable problems in the semifinals. The male round was a flash fest in which 4 tops in 9 attempts were necessary to make finals. Keita Watabe and Alex Puccio are in first place.

The finalists are:
1- Keita Watabe | Alex Puccio
2- Jernej Kruder | Miho Nonaka
3- Kokoro Fujii | Ekaterina Kirpiianova
4- Jongwon Chon | Perra Klingler
5- Tomoaki Takata | Chloé Caulier
6- Sergii Topishko | Stasa Gejo

You can check the results here.

The final will take place at 8.15 pm. Watch it live here.

And here’s the semifinal replay:

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