Weekly Digest – 10 February 2013

Comps, hard repeats, many videos and even some news on lead climbing (lead climbing is when you boulder for many meters with a harness on :P).

The German Bouldering Cup kicked off in Munich

Two climbers competing in the German Bouldering Cup

Two climbers competing in the German Bouldering Cup. Screenshot from Mountains2b highlights video.

The first stage of the German Bouldering Cup took place in Munich last weekend with Stefan Danker and Julia Winter taking the victory.

The problems set for the finals were great (one of them probably too hard) and a perfect example of “German setting style” (if such thing exists). Plenty of volumes and dihedrals in which competitors had to find tricky ways to balance their bodies and generate friction. I personally love that kind of problems. While no one sends they look impossible. Then, when someone shows how its done and gets to the top with elegance and ease, it’s mind-blowing.

Udo Neumann report.

The results, a couple of pictures and a brief recap (in German) can be found at DAV website.

Some videos of the event:

Gillaume Glairon Mondet on Trip Hop

Gillaume Glairon Mondet on Trip Hop. Picture from his blog.

Gillaume Glairon Mondet repeats Trip Hop 8C | V15
Fresh off his repeat of The Big Island, French top boulderer Gillaume Glairon Mondet has repeated Trip Hop, another 8C | V15 located in Fontainebleau, France. Trip Hop is a traverse start to Hip Hop 8B | V13 and was established by Sebastien Frigault. More info at Glairon Mondet’s blog.

A bunch of 8B+ | V14 climbed all over the globe lately

Two quick notes

History made in Catalonia
Three extremely hard routes have been climbed in northern Spain this week. Chris Sharma red pointed his project Stoke the Fire 9b and Adam Ondra did the same with La Dura Dura 9b+ and Fight or Flight 9b (both bolted by Sharma).

La Dura Dura is, according to Ondra, the hardest route ever climbed by a human being. Read more about it at ukclimbing.com (and possibly at any other climbing news site!).

And the usual closing videos:


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