Weekly Digest – 13 January 2013

Wow, what a week of really hard repeats:

Chris Sharma on Witness the Fitness 8C | V15

Chris Sharma on “Witness the Fitness” 8C | V15. Picture taken from Big UP Productions’ website.

  • Daniel Woods has done the third ascent of Chris Sharma’s “Witness the Fitness” in the Ozark Mountains, Arkansas. WitnessTF is a really long roof problem made famous by the climbing movie Dosage III. The upper crux was a shoulder-breaking gaston from which you had to cross (with your body quite extended) to an undercling. Due to several hold breaks that move has changed and Woods has had to find new beta. Neither Sharma nor Fred Nicole (who did the second ascent) gave it a grade at the time (though Sharma said it had been his hardest problem to that day, and that’s something). Woods has graded it “solid” 8C | V15.
  • Also in the Ozark Mountains, Paul Robinson has repeated Dave Graham’s “Wood grain grippin'”. It was the first ascent since the crux holds broke and Robinson has renamed it to “The new wood grain grippin‘” 8B+ | V14.
  • And, to return the favor, Dave Graham has repeated Paul Robinson’s “Meadowlark Lemon” 8C  | V15 in Red Rock, Nevada. Difficulty asside, that problems is just beautiful.
Dave Graham working on Meadowlark Lemon 8C | V15

Dave Graham working on “Meadowlark Lemon” 8C | V15. Picture by BirdsIView photos.

  • And to close the circle… John Cardwell has done the third ascent of Daniel Wood’s “The Game ” 8C | V15 in Boulder Cayon, Colorado. You can watch a (sort of crappy I must say) video of the ascent at The Island.
  • And… Shauna Coxsey  is injured again! This time is a pulley… Get it fixed soon Ms. Coxsey, the Bouldering World Cup is coming!


  1. Way to go Dave!

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