Weekly Digest – 2 December 2012

Switzerland has been on fire lately:

  • Nalle Hukkataival (FIN) continues his good run by repeating Dave Graham’s From Dirt Grows the Flower (8B+|V14). Read more on Nalle’s blog.
Nalle Hukkataival try Off The Wagon 8C | V15. Picture taken from Nalle Hukkataival's blog.
Nalle Hukkataival on Off The Wagon (Picture credit: Nalle Hukkataival’s blog)
  • Jan Hojer (GER) has done quick repeats of Momentum and Off The Wagon. Both problems have seen their first ascent recently (by Hukkataival) and were proposed as 8C | V15.
    • Off the Wagon is a famous problem tried by Chris Sharma in the movie Dosage 4. It has a crazy rose-campus move and has been a long-standing project in Val Bavona. Apparently there may be some access issues with this boulder due to its proximity to some houses so be extremely respectful if you go to try it.
    • Momentum was opened and sent by Hukkataival who said about it “climbs up a tall overhang with explosive and powerful moves and very few footholds”.
  • Katharina Saurwein (AUT) has done 3 8A | V11 (Team Work, Souvenir & Shining). Saurwein is best known for her impressive performance on bouldering World Cups but has had an incredible 2012 when it comes to sending hard problems on real rock.
  • This November Alex Puccio (USA) has done too many 8As and harder to enumerate to go to her 8a.nu profile and check it out, she’s on fire!
A couple notes more:

And to close down here’s a video of Magnus Midtboe sending All in, All out” 8B | V13 in Matre (Norway):

Magnus Midtbø – All in all out from SJAU on Vimeo.

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