Weekly Digest – 23 December 2012

Not that many news this week, just 3 quick notes:

Proyecto NA.SA. promotional pictureNacho Sánchez on Potencia Hidrogenada 8B | V13. Picture taken from http://www.climbingvideos.tv/

  • RC Productions has released “Proyeco NA.SA.” a half hour video about Nacho Sánchez, the current Spanish Bouldering Champion. You can see him sending some hard problems in different bouldering areas in Spain as well as working on some projects. The HD dowload is on sale at http://www.climbingvideos.tv/ for just 3€. The video is in Spanish without subtitles but for that price I think it’s worth it. Here’s the trailer.
  • Finally, last week the IFSC presented to the Olympic Programme Commission their proposal for the inclusion of lead climbing in the 2020 Olympic Games. This video was part of it:


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