Weekly Digest – 29 January 2013

We have some bad news and some business-as-usual news… let’s start with the bad news:

Fire in Rocklands
Climbing.co.za reported last week that a fire caused by lightning has burned most of Rocklands bouldering area. The fire started days before and spread devouring fauna, flora, crop fields and buildings. One victim has been confirmed.

Rocklands on Fire

Rocklands on fire. Picture by Climbing.co.za

All the bouldering areas are closed for now. The Western Cape Nature Conservation Board will have the last word on the issue.

Dark Horse Series
Last week we just had the guy’s podium but now you can check the full results at the comp’s website. A highlight reel has been released as well (I’m not a fan of the editing, too many 1 second cuts of sigle moves…).

Terremer for Dan Beall
In Hueco Tanks, Texas, Dan Beall has done the fourth ascent of Fred Nicole’s Terremer. The problem is a linkage of Diaphanous Sea (8A+ | V12) and Terre De Sienne (8B+ | V14) giving a total (if my really hard and serious grading science is right) of 8C | V15 (razor blade crimps, that’s for sure). Check out Dave Graham doing the first repeat of Terre De Sienne.

Jan Hojer’s Island got Bigger
3 weeks ago Hojer repeated The Island 8B+ | V14 in Fontainebleau, France, and said he was going for The Big Island 8C  | V15. According to his 8a.nu profile he has succeeded!  Remember, The Big Island is a low standing start (2 extra moves) to The Island.

Hukkataival in Mexico
Nalle Hukkataival has been doing his thing (establishing and repeating really hard boulder problems) in Peñoles, Mexico. He has written a detailed blogpost with some cool pics. Sandstone Media has released the trailer of an upcoming movie about Peñoles.

Nalle Hukkataival climbing in Peñoles, Mexico

Hukkataival climbing in Peñoles, Mexico. Image by Sandstone Media.

On a related note: Uncut footage of Hukkataival doing the third ascent of Dave Graham’s  Blood of A Young Wolf 8B+ | V14 in Hueco Tanks, Texas.

And that’s it… 2 videos to close down

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