Weekly Digest – 3 February 2013

As strange as it may sound, one of the most notable ascents of this week took place indoors!

Daniel Woods sends The Bubble Wrap project
Daniel Woods trying Bubble Wrap

Daniel Woods on Bubble Wrap. Screenshot from this video by James O’Connor.

Set by Chris Danielson 5 year ago, the Bubble Wrap has been a longstanding indoor project. It is located at CATS, a climbing gym in Boulder, Colorado, known for having their problems set for long time, so people can project them as they would outdoors.

It is a quite short problem on very bad holds (with bubble wrap texture, hence the name of the problem) and it requires tons of contact strength and body tension. Apart from Woods, people of the likes of Carlo Traversi, Alex Puccio or Paul Robinson have tried to solve the Bubble Wrap project without success (that thing must be hard…).

CATS route setter James O’Connor has some footage of the ascent. Over at Dead Point Magazine they have a complete article about the ascent along with a couple of related videos.

Dave Graham wins Gladiator Finals at The Spot

Dave Graham competing at Gladiator Finals

Dave Graham during finals. Picture taken from The Spot setting blog.

Meanwhile at The Spot (another famous gym in Boulder, Colorado) the Gladiator Finals took place. Dave Graham won, next were Daniel Woods, Michael O’Rourke and Greig Seitz (tied in third place). Funny to see Graham ahead of Woods indoors (he may be considering a career change to become a competition climber… fat chance) The Spot route setter Jackie Hueftle has put up a complete recap of the competition.

Jan Hojer interview
Over at 8a.nu they have a short interview with Jan Hojer after his repeat of The Big Island 8C | V15 in Fontainebleu, France. Here’s a video of Hojer sending the problem.

And two videos

  • Scarred for Life – Australia. Hihglights from Graham, Hukkataival and Dory’s trip to Australia.
  • Paul Ronbinson in Varezze. The american athlete spent some time in Italy trying and repeating some hard problems (there’s no footage of this attempts on Gioia 8C+ | V16, what a pity!).

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