Weekly Digest – 30 December 2012

Hard boulders have been sent in 3 continents:

  • Toru Nakajima has done the second ascent of Tokoyo 8C | V15 in Kasagi, Japan. The problem was put up by Dai Koyamada last year. Source: 8a.nu
  • Also in Japan and also a Dai Koyamada’s problem: Toshi Takeuchi has done Agartha 8B+ | V14 in Toyota. Here’s a really nice video of the First Ascent (and the woring process behind it). Source: 8a.nu
  • Slovenian Bouldering Champion Jernej Kruder has repeated The Dagger 8B+ | V14 in at Cresciano (Switzerland). According to his profile at 8a.nu he is now going for the famous sit start (The Story Of Two Worlds 8C | V15) which he has done in three parts.
  • Daniel Woods has done the First Ascent of Aggravated Assault 8B+ | V14 in Griffin Falls, Alabama. The problem, which climbs a 50º roof, was later repeated by Jimmy Webb. Check out DPM’s article on the ascent and the bouldering scene in the Southeast of the USA.
And to close up, three videos:

Mina Leslie-Wujastyk on Midnight Lightning 7B | V8. Picure taken from this video.

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