What is the IFSC?

The IFSC logo

The International Federation of Sport Climbing is the organization that governs climbing as a competitive sport. It was founded in 2007 by 48 national federations and its recognized by the International Olympic Committee

Since its creation, the IFSC has been committed to the development and growth of the sport and is currently working towards the inclusion of Sport Climbing (lead) in the Olympic Games.

The IFSC is responsible for (among other competitions) the climbing World Cup circuit and the Climbing World Championship. The IFSC organizes and rules events for three disciplines within climbing: bouldering, lead and speed.

On their website you can find useful information about international competition climbing: results, rankings, rules, press notes, information about the athletes…

Short clip about competitive bouldering taken from the IFSC Youtbe channel.

Live coverage of international competitions is usually offered at IFSC.tv. And I would recommend you to subscribe to their Youtube channel. They have interviews, highlights of past events, and entire live streams.

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