Why didn’t Stranik get the bonus?

Martin Stranik didn’t get the bonus on the last problem in Meiringen, despite the fact that he touched it in control. Why? Is that ok? Here’s a quick answer.

You can check the IFSC rulebook here.


  1. Good job with the video. This time that bonus decided the winner, and this is huge.
    Again, my 2 cents:
    The setters should write a “order” of the holds to the judges (as in lead). In that case, if a bonus is not used and you go further than it, the bonus would be automatically accounted.
    This would be fairer.
    Or you eliminate bonuses, count only tops and tries and provide extra boulders to untie

    • The problem I see with the suggestions is that it is very hard to see all the consequences. Those options could be interesting and certainly the format isn’t perfect but before introducing changes they must be tested in smaller comps. Also, the guys who came up with the current format know a ton about the sport and have thought a lot about most of the alternatives. We must keep that in mind, if the improvement were easy they would have done it already.

  2. Sure, i was just speculating.. It’s like after a soccer match when you talk about the referee’s decisions, but BETTER! It’s climbing!

  3. The example of Alexey is strange because he is standing on the bonus. I would have thought that counts as using it to gain a new position!

    It also seems like the rule is there to stop people jumping and touching bonus before coming off. If you’ve clearly moved past the bonus the rule doesn’t seem relevant.

    • To clarify the example of Alexey. He didn’t get the bonus for standing on it. But because, while standing on it, he pulled on the bonus with his right hand to change his body position slightly. That why I said the he used the bonus “very subtly”.

      The problem with considering the bonus no relevant if you have moved past it is how do you define to “move pass it”. In some problems that will be obvious, in other not at all. Rules need to be very easy to interpret. The current rule is very easy to enforce consistently.

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