“You almost want it to be more special”, Nalle Hukkataival reflects on his ascent of Burden of Dreams V17 | 9A

About a year ago, Finnish athlete Nalle Hukkataival made history by climbing the infamous Lappnor project, calling it Burden of Dreams and grading it 9A | V17, the first ever. A short movie was made of that ascent (and the long process that led to it), and now an interview recorded right after the ascent has been released.

“You almost want more out of it. Because you’ve put so much effort into it, you put so much energy into it, so much… emotion into it”

I guess that’s one of the paradoxes of climbing. When you are at your limit, you spent most of the time “failing” and little time “succeeding”. And the success is so short-lived… Maybe the trick is to define “to fail” and “to succeed” in a way that allows you to appreciate the process of working on a project even when you spend hours/days/years falling on a move.

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